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AEDC Membership Structure

Download the list of 2016 Members and Membership Application here.

Economic Patron: ($25,000 and higher)

Designed for leaders who strive to make a major impact on Appanoose County Economic Development in a positive way.

Benefits include:

  • All Economic Leader benefits
  • AEDC will work to craft a customized benefits package that has additional options as prioritized by the investor company.
  • Economic Patron has 3 votes as a member

Economic Leader: ($2,500-$24,999)

Designed for businesses with 250 employees or more, leaders who desire more advertising visibility, and those who want an additional vote.

Benefits include:

  • All Industry Leader benefits
  • Annual Banquet – table reserved for 8
  • Link to company/product video on AEDC website
  • Economic Leader has 2 votes as a member

Industry Leader: ($500-$2,499)

Designed for businesses with more than 50 employees as follows: approximately 50 employees = $500, approximately 100 employees = $1,000, approximately 200 employees - $2,000.

Benefits include:

  • All Business Leader benefits
  • Annual Banquet – reservations for 4
  • Exclusive AEDC event invitations
  • Logo visibility in AEDC publications and marketing materials
  • Logo, company name, email, and website displayed on AEDC website

Business Leader: ($250-$499)

Designed for small businesses with less than 50 employees, business leaders who desire advertising in AEDC materials, and those who want to be informed about local Economic Development news regularly.

Benefits include:

  • All Friends of AEDC benefits
  • Subscription to AEDC newsletter, economic updates, and other economic news briefs
  • Company name listing on AEDC website and other AEDC marketing materials

Friends of AEDC ($100-$249)

Designed for those individuals who enjoy supporting Appanoose Economic Development and want to receive limited information about local development projects.

Benefits include:

  • Subscription to AEDC newsletter
  • Personal invitation to AEDC Annual Banquet
  • Member Voting privilege


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